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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Malao Malao

The Chiang Mai Riverside
หมู่ที่ 7 111 Somphot Chiang Mai 700 Pi Rd, Pa Daet Sub-district, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50100, ThailandGoogle Maps

Malao Malao takes pride in preserving culinary heritage while embracing sustainability.

Their fusion of tradition and innovation delivers an extraordinary dining experience that captures the essence of modern Chiang Mai. Each dish is thoughtfully prepared with freshly sourced, flavorful, and nutritious ingredients to support local communities and farmers. By championing the principles of "farm to table" and sustainability, they reduce their carbon footprint and celebrate Chiang Mai's culinary heritage with a deep commitment to health and the environment.
The restaurant prioritizes the use of fresh ingredients sourced from local producers, ensuring that each dish reflects the authentic flavors and customary recipes of Thai cuisine. Their experienced chefs uphold the highest culinary standards and embrace the farm-to-table philosophy, creating a harmonious culinary experience that connects food and community. Guests can indulge in the enticing aromas and vibrant flavors of traditional Thai dishes, showcasing the passion and expertise of the Malao Malao chefs.
With meticulous preparation, the culinary masters at Malao Malao bring to life the renowned flavors and authentic recipes of Thai cuisine. Each dish showcases their artistry and skill, demonstrating their commitment to culinary craftsmanship. By adopting a farm-to-table philosophy and using the freshest locally sourced produce, the restaurant values the connection between food and the environment. Guests are invited to savor the carefully crafted flavors, reflecting the dedication to freshness and sustainability.
Housed in a beautifully designed one-story building next to The Chiang Mai Riverside Hotel, Malao Malao provides an enchanting dining atmosphere that immerses guests in the culinary heritage of Chiang Mai. From the moment guests enter, they will be captivated by the warm and beautiful surroundings. The restaurant offers two distinct dining settings to cater to different preferences. The spacious open-air dining patio, situated by the tranquil river, offers a serene ambience flooded with natural light, where guests can enjoy delectable cuisine, a great selection of wines, and handcrafted cocktails. Alternatively, the contemporary dining room provides an intimate and sophisticated atmosphere, perfect for romantic dinners, friendly get-togethers, or business luncheons. Guests can immerse themselves in the stylish surroundings while indulging in the exceptional culinary delights prepared by the talented chefs at Malao Malao.

Malao Malao

Features & Facilities

  • Locally Sourced Produce
  • Fine Dining